Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Friday, June 17, 2005

This is a dusty blog

Faithful reader James reminded me that I had not updated in a while. I didn't realize that it has been a month. Well, we did go on vacation, and then we got back, and then I've worked on several home improvement projects in the new home.

As soon as the Michael Jackson verdict was returned, Chicago media headed to Gary, IN and interviewed people who now live in the neighborhood where the Jackson family resided over 30 years ago. Like anyone there remembers the Jackson family. Anyway, they managed to find an old lady who was glad Michael was found not guilty because "he doesn't have it in his character" to be a pedophile. Doesn't have it in his character? Evidence entered at trial indicated that Michael possessed some pretty lurid pornography, and it was accessible to his young wards. Hey, who doesn't like to see some naked women? But Michaels coffee table books of young naked boys in suggestive poses isn't my idea of good porn.

Michael Jackson is a creep. And now I am putting every parent in the world on notice: This man is a creep. Do not let your children alone with this man!

Well, I did the best I could.

Terry Schiavo's autopsy came back, and lo and behold, she was brain dead all this time!! Her brain was grossly atrophied and weighed less than half than a normal brain. She was blind and utterly incapable of ingesting food without aspirating. I downloaded the autopsy report from SmokingGun.com and agree with the opinion that her brain damage was profound and irreversible.

Now about all you folks who claimed that she was responding to you and could see you and that she was trying to communicate with you. You wouldn't have been lying just to further your agenda, would you? How is bearing false witness (a sin according to the Ten Commandments, by the way, along with Thou Shall Not Kill) going to benefit your right-to-life arguments in the future?

I can't say whether or not it was right for Terry to be taken off the feeding tube. It was between her husband and her. And as I have documented earlier, her husband went many extra miles to help her and support her. As evidenced, she could not survive without extraordinary means. And I would make the argument that she was not even aware that she was living. Calling Jean Paul Sartre!!