Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I'm flat-out stealing this from frog. Hey, something has to spur my creative process.

25 years ago: Age 17. Started dating Linda, who at some point would grant me the pleasure of my first kiss. She was a great kisser. I was a late bloomer. She played flute. I have since learned that woodwind players are great kissers. The Iran Hostage Crisis dominated the news. Played guitar all the time. Lots of angst about girls in general (I was 17...and as I said, a late bloomer).

20 years ago: Started dating Nita. Loved her lots. She has a MA in English, and just graduated from nursing school in 2004. I haven't spoken to her in a long time. Her mom and mine passed away about the same time, but she doesn't know that. Writing songs with James (then known as Jim) nonstop. When not in class, played guitar all the time. Drank lots of beer.

15 years ago: Married Jill. Love her even more than Nita and Linda (and Lori, too). First Thanksgiving together. Probably spent at her mom's. My parents moved to Indiana. Worked a job that I hated with my very being. Not happy with that aspect of my life at all. Very happy to be married.

10 years ago: Working on starting a family with Jill. Won't have results for another 17 months. Still working in industry that I despised, but taking Real Estate classes. Jill went to Maui (paid by work, the lucky dog) and I went to Austin. Best 32nd birthday ever.

5 years ago: Jill pregnant with 2nd and last child, due in March. Live in Jill's hometown with daughter and dog. Mom has cancer. Working my favorite job ever. Lions Club, Education Foundation, lots of civic pride.

3 years ago: Mom passed away previous year. Kicking ass in Afghanistan (not me, but my country). Love my job. Rocky spots in relationships, but no one is quitting, which is a good thing. Love my daughter and son. Dog's with Mom.

1 year ago: Everyone in family is happy. Wife and I are thrilled. Work is great. I'm a flippin' success. City Council. New dog.

This year: This is a wonderful time. Kids are great. Can't live without them. The dog is wonderful. Jill is wonderful. Work is still great. My side of the family is falling apart, but if you pour just enough gas on the bridge, it burns quickly and doesn't hurt as much.

Yesterday: Not a 10, but a good day, anyway. Getting excited about the holidays for the first time in a long time.

Today: Working a light schedule, then taking my son to The Incredibles. Can't wait.

Tomorrow: Thanksgiving! I will truly be thankful. Nephews will be there. Now that they both live out of town, it is a wonderful thing to see them at family gatherings. Football, family, and hopefully a good bottle of wine. Followed by all night poker. This is truly happiness.

I know some people for whom Thanksgiving is passing by this year. I'm sorry for them, and wish I could fix all of their problems. I do know, however, that things can improve for everyone if you are just willing to reach for it.

Easy for me to say, anyway.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Scott Peterson

Yep, Guilty

The principle of Parsimony states that the simplest explanation is usually correct.

Even if there was some elaborate scheme to frame Scotty boy, he deserves jailtime, if not the death penalty, for being so goddamned stupid.

He defines Darwinism.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Auto Update

I have not been blamed for the demise of my car.

In fact, I was given my choice of colors for the new one, which arrives Friday.

It's hard to be mad at someone for not treating you right when they finally do treat you right.

This is an open apology to most of my co-workers who put up with my pointless rage about how company cars are doled out. As one said, I am better than that.

I don't apologize to the under-producer who got a new car before I did. I will continue to bury that clueless prick. So there.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

And now, it's one week later

I've let the dust setttle from election day. While I'm pleased at the results from a national standpoint, I was not happy with the interpretation that it was some sort of statement about morals that the president was re-elected. Especially the Wednesday morning whining by the Democratic Party that the Gay Marriage issue killed them at the polls.

In 10 out of 11 states (Utah being the exception) the votes supporting a ban on Gay marriage (or SSM as I call it - see earlier posts supporting SSM) outnumbered votes for Bush. This would be an indication that those voting for Kerry crossed over some line to vote against SSM. Which tells me that the Presidential issue and the SSM issue were not as closely linked as the whiners would have you believe. It is not the fault of Gay Americans that John Kerry is not the president. It would be John Kerry's fault.

We still have a long way to go to improve the Equality Factor in our country.

And to re-iterate from my earlier post: If Christians, heterosexuals, etc want to keep marriage "sacred" for themselves, they need to quit divorcing, philandering, and otherwise disrespecting the institution.

From the "You can lead a horse to water but you can't kick it in the ass" Department:
For the past 3 years, my company car has had a coolant leak that usually manifested itself druing the winter months. I had brought this to the attention of the operations manager many times, as well as our company mechanic. Their solution has been to pour more coolant into the radiator. The leak had become progressively worse, and I expressed my concern that perhaps one day, in the middle of nowhere, the radiator would become empty and I would somehow ruin the engine. The response to my concern was the same as before...pour more coolant into the radiator.

This morning, I blew the engine. Dumb fuckers will probably blame me for it.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Finally, Election Day is here

Voted at 6:20am. Thanked all the poll workers, as I always do. Crossing my fingers that the results, however they end up, are decisive.