Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Perhaps a retraction, or a clarification

In my last post, I alluded that Senator-select Roland Burris may not be an honest politician anymore. I probably meant that yesterday, but after hearing him run the gauntlet of news shows today, I have a more informed opinion.

Roland Burris is probably the best candidate to be selected (but not elected) as the next junior senator from Illinois.

The problem I have with him is that his goody-two-shoes explanation for wanting to be senator reminded all of us why he couldn't get elected as governor or senator in the past.

I'm all for unbridled optimism, however, at this juncture, a little bit of realism from whoever the next senator is would be appreciated. We're tired of being spoken to as if we all are idiots.

Sure, I know Blowdryavich was elected twice.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All Hail Our New Senator-select

Governor Blowdryavich, still living in his own special world of denial, named elder statesman Illinois politician Roland Burris as his 'senator-select'.

Roland Burris quickly leapt to Blowdryavich's defense, claiming the charges pending against the governor were 'false, untrue, and very unfriendly'.

No word yet if in fact Burris read the arrest warrant that pretty much tells you what you need to know about Blowdryavich.

Burris may have been a honest politician up to today, but the real reason he was selected was because he is one of the few politicians who are shorter in stature than the governor.

photo stolen from the Chicago Tribune website.
(I think I can take credit for 'Blowdryavich', it's less mean-spirited than "Blowdryabitch')

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Christmas outlook

We had a nice, white Christmas here in northern Illinois, and now comes a warm front which has melted the 8 inches of snow in just 24 hours. Flash floods and fog for the next week or so. Hopefully they can keep the ice cold at Wrigley Field, where the Blackhawks will take on the much hated Redwings on New Years Day.

I drove up to see my Dad and drop off his Christmas present and go over his new budget. He finally got his Section 8 approval, which should solve the month to month finances, and help set up a nest-egg for the inevitable doctor bills and car repairs. Despite my day to day management of his finances, I've only seen him three times in 2008, last January, in October for his mother's funeral, and today.

Yes, I know I should visit more often. And yes, he should visit us more, too.

I went over the budget with him, encouraging him to try to follow it while trying to live comfortably as well. If we can build up the reserve fund in the next year, then he can then have more to spend and enjoy. I don't want him to live monastically, just responsibly. As always, we'll see how that goes.

My father doesn't seem to want a lot of interaction with me or my family, and I've sort of grown tired trying to push the relationship. I'm 46, I have a nice family. We care about my dad, but his interest doesn't extend much past the basic pleasentries. Perhaps he feels that I caused all the turmoil in his life by yanking him from squalor in Indiana 2 years ago and compelling him to face the music about his health and debts. It had to be done, and I guess I was the best suited to do so. No one else in my family, God love them, is as much of a hard-ass as me, a skill I learned from the old man himself. Go figure.

Sure makes me miss my mother.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow starts the day

Lots of snow last night and today. I don't know how many inches, I just know that my back is killing me from all the shoveling.

Just 10 minutes ago, however, I finally got my snowthrower to run. Thanks to neighbor Steve, who talked me through several diagnoses and after a lot of mental mechanics, I was able to clear the foot of my driveway in minutes.

Long story short: my fuel problem was caused by a cracked primer bulb.

My Toro is about 15 years old, and when running, can handle just about any depth of snow.

I'll be lugging it over to Steve's driveway every chance I get this winter. I owe him that.

(When you are 46 years old, things like having an operational snowthrower is almost better than sex. Almost.)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Same old legislature

The Illinois legislature is taking their sweet time to impeach Blagojevich. They listened to the governor's mob attorney today demand to listen to the tapes. At least they had the guts to remind the attorney that the impeachment hearings were not a criminal court proceeding, and they would appreciate it if his client would show up in Springfield to offer testimony.

Fat chance of that since the sonovabitch won't go to Springfield to govern.

Come and get me Rod! I'll kick your ass and shave your head!


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yes, I'm surprised that it's taken me 2 days to opine on our asshole governor's arrest and indictment.

I knew this guy was a crook. After reading all 78 pages of the indictment, I do have to say that he exceeded my wildest dreams as a crook, however. It is hubris on steroids. It is beyond the pale. It is simply amazing. There is no way he is going to beat these charges.

And now, it all makes sense. The commitment to the bad hair. His refusal to live in Springfield. His MO of trying to pick fights, and then when losing, pretend they didn't happen. Is there enough jail time to change his attitude?

I would always give his wife a pass because I know that as a real estate agent, you need to rely on relationships in order to do business. However, I now know she is simply Dick Mell's daughter. And that isn't a slight on Dick Mell, he is a career politician, a Chicago alderman, and he conducts business as it is done in Chicago. However, I guess I let my oogling of Patty Blagojevich cloud my judgement.

Oh well, it will be interesting to see what happens next. Blago is too deluded to resign right away. He may still try to appoint a senator.

The drama continues.