Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The company I work for claims to have Spam-block on our e-mail server. I find that highly doubtful.

Just for the record:

I have a short term mortgage at under 5% interest; I'm not interested in refinancing, and if I were, I love my bank and my banker, so I won't deal with anyone else.

I don't need any prescripton painkillers. Well, frankly, I could use all the painkillers you could spare, but I'm not interested in paying for them.

I don't need any "male enhancement". Things seem to work just fine and dandy. Oh, and although I've only shown my equipment to a very small handfull of lucky gals, they've all seemed to be suitably impressed and pleased by its length, girth, and appearance. It's a rather nice looking penis, if I do say so myself.

I'm fairly sucessful in my career, so don't bother me with the "get rich quick' schemes, either. Unless you are the child of Nigerian royalty, that is. I can't get enough of your e-mails.

Someday, when I'm sitting in hell, I will get a chance to meet those lousy sons of a bitches that sent me all this lovely spam. When I do, hell will seem to be a very nice place compared with where I will ask you to go.