Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I once had a boss who told me that whenever you go on one week's vacation, you lose three weeks of productivity. One week preparing for the vacation (getting caught up so you can leave), the actual week that you are on vacation, and a week to get caught up on the week you missed.

That would be my life right now.

In addition to being the arbiter of Midwestern Pop Culture, I am salesperson for a Fire & Safety company. The bulk of my business is in the institutional market: schools, hospitals, prisons, stadiums, etc. With summer approaching, it seems that this will be a gangbuster year for new and/or retro fitted schools. My bread and butter is the Kitchen Fire Suppression System, a mundane item that is required in every commercial kitchen. Thanks to my loyal customers, my head will be swimming until after Labor Day, trying to quote, design, sell and coordinate the installations.

Of course, the first thing I found out about the sales profession (after 10 long years in commercial credit) is that the harder you work in sales, the more money you earn. I always envied the salesmen who had the world by the ass. Now I'm one of them, and I'm not so sure that the envy was worthwhile.

After being inspired by "One Good Thing" and "Frogblog", I've decided that even when I am swamped at work, I owe it to myself (and to anyone who would ever happen to read these blogs) to invest the time and talent to write something good.

I'm not in the same league as either Flea or Frog, but I know I can be entertaining and somewhat well-written. We'll see! Thanks for stopping by.

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