Monday, August 16, 2004

The Dog Days

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Our parish priest is retiring soon. He is a good man, and a friend to my family and to our community. He was with us for 5 years and managed to befriend many and tick off a few. Parish priests in our diocese are usually older, evidently young priests aspire to missionary work and the mean streets. We'll miss him.

Dad might be getting better, it's hard to tell. His galpal, who has done a great job of helping him during this time, seems to want to point fingers and assess blame for his condition. I'm more concerned on recovery than blame. My sister is taking him to a follow-up appointment tomorrow and she will ask many, many questions about what we are to expect with his recovery. He still isn't sharp, yet. I think it's time for the children to take control of his aftercare. Aftercare by committee.

Even if you are a big-time liberal, don't you think Michael Moore is just a bit over the top? If you are focusing on the "7 minutes" issue from the movie, you are missing the big picture. CRITICAL THINKING ALERT!! Hindsight is 20/20. Give me something I can work with that actually points to negligence.

Remember, 40-50,000 were supposed to be in those buildings. Whatever action plan that was or was not in place saved all but 4,000. Still a huge price to pay, but it could have been much worse. I don't see the point in politicizing the issue. If you'd like to, then consider this: how can the policies of a 250 day old administraition be 100% accountable after 8 or 12 or 20 years of bad policy and poor decision making? It seems that people are blaming the dutch boy for not putting enough fingers in the dike. (insert your own lame lesbian joke here) The holes were there already.

Coming soon to this blog: My rant on the Illinois Republican Party's negligence in convincing Alan Keyes to run for senate. ugh! And I'm a Republican.

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