Thursday, December 09, 2004

The (blog) Women in My Life






If I can't get a book deal for each of them, how about one book deal for all of them?

frog and flea are at crossroads.

frog is emotionally frazzled; so many things have happened in her life this year. Yet, she has made it through, a testament to her depth of character and spirit. The older brother in me wishes I could be her older brother.

flea is financially frazzled. Business is not going well, and based on her posts over the last 2 months, the hounds are at the gates. The business savant in me wishes I could fix her business problems.

As you read the blogs of these fine writers, it is difficult to not feel sympathy, empathy, and affection for these people, these women who not only entertain me, but touch my heart.

frog especially. God, if I had a magic wand, I would wave it for her. I have faith, however, that she will find the comfort she needs. I mentioned that she has character and spirit.

(note to loyal (and probably only) reader James: to me, frog reminds me of how rae jean would be. Which is actually a positive thing to say).

Just a few thoughts about these "other women" in my life.

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