Friday, April 15, 2005


We've had our first continuous week of Spring-like weather here in Flyover. I'm even playing golf this afternoon with my customer/pal, Gary.

I've spent the last several several weeks acting as a quasi campaign manager/director of communications for our local mayor, who was up for re-election. His opponent was "the guy who always runs for mayor and loses". Life in our small town is really nice. Managing growth is probably our biggest issue, one that our city council has done a great job at. However, the opponent (Bearded Monkey Bastard, as I called him) has managed to twist, misrepresent, and outright lie his way into the race. Responding to his attacks only brought out his insiped supporters, who spouted his crap over and over. It was truly frustrating. Between the campaign and dealing with my wife's anxiety over moving (it's a Jill thing), I've lost 10 pounds.

Anyhow, the election was on April 5, and the mayor won re-election by a 2-1 margin. There was no doubt in my mind that he would win, I was just hoping for an overwhelming margin so the naysayers would shut up.

I'm all for community service. I'm all for activism. I'm all for getting involved. I'm not too keen on lying and bearing false witness in order to get elected to public office. Especially at the local level. Especially when it's the assistant pastor at the Baptist Church doing the bearing false witness.

Anyhow, we'll see how much I want to stay an alderman in two years, when I have to run for re-election.

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