Thursday, May 12, 2005

Zion Tragedy

It looks like a lot of facts are in about this terrible crime.

What bothers me is the post-arrest (pre-bond hearing) response from the grandfather of one of the girls, who said that the police were unfairly accusing Hobbs because he was an ex-con and the easiest guy to arrest.

Look, this guy was arrested, tried, and convicted of assaulting your adult daughter with a CHAINSAW!!! Do you really think that it was the first time he ever was mad at your daughter? Any sane person would think that the chainsaw incident was the culmination of a long period of abuse.

After Hobbs was sent to jail, your daughter came home to live with you. Didn't you ask her about her life with this man? And yet, as soon as he was let out of jail, you open your home to him (and don't even get me started with your daughter, the mother of the little girl) without question and now you defend him. Even if my daughter said "Gee, he gets mad at me every now and them, but I loooooove him", I'd live for the day he showed up at my house so I could beat him with a baseball bat.

No, you let him in, asshole.

How do you feel now that he as confessed three times (written statement, oral statement, and videotaped statement).

The guy's going to death row, and you (and your small-brained daughter) should go along for the ride.

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