Friday, August 26, 2005

21st Century Office

The company I work for was finally free of the terrible lease that the old owners forced upon the new owners, and we built a new facility and moved in today.

I used to have a desk with a couple of file cabinets inconveniently located for my use. The work area was so small that I couldn't keep up with the paperwork that crossed my desk. No amount of "clutter-free" hints, tips, and booklets could help me.

Now, in my new, modern work area (similar to one that every other office puke in America is used to) I have lots of space to fill with my paperwork. Instead of sharing a wastebasket, I'll have one of my very own. Instead of trying to "shush" people while I made phone calls, I have some privacy, and the traffic pattern is no longer centered around my workstation.

The washrooms are modern, and it only takes one flush to take care of my business.

Because I'm a top producer, I have a "window seat" which may sound glamorous, except I have to fight the glare on my computer screen. I'm not really complaining, though. I'm loving it.

Because I have worked for companies that have modern workstations, I expect these kinds of facilities. There are co-workers, however, who are resentful of the move. They don't understand why we needed to move; they are fearful and anxious. Perhaps they feel that way because this move signals that we are in THE BIG TIME. We're the market leader in our industry, and have been of many years. It was painful to bring customers to our old office. I'm very proud of the new place.

Our management has recognized that our self-image could use some polishing. Starting Monday, a new dress code will be in place. It's about time. Our workstations will not be home to meals and radios and lots of photos taped tackily. We're in THE BIG TIME now.

Not to mention, any company that wants to buy us out will have to pony up some real dough, now!!

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