Monday, January 07, 2008


I was listening to NPR tonight and heard a report from New Hampshire, where the last-minute undecideds are now deciding. One woman, who claimed to have made a spreadsheet comparing all the candidates, said that while she was leaning toward Obama, she has decided to support Clinton because we need a candidate with more experience.....

I heard Mrs. Clinton say yesterday that she has 35 years of experience in changing government. Let's recall her elective office experience: 2000, elected Senator from New York. 2006 Re-elected Senator of New York.

Where's the beef?

Where is all this experience she's talking about? I've been wanting change in government for 35 years, also.

Not to be a Hillary-basher here, but being married to the guy who occupies the offices DOES NOT COUNT toward political experience.

It's one thing to stand in the wings and soak up the applause, ma'am, and it's another to jump into the bathtub and pull the hair from the drain.

And, by the way, I voted for YOUR HUSBAND in 1992.

Hillary, I really want to like you, but you must stop with this 'experience' thing. Joe Biden has it. You don't. I'm not saying Obama has it, but what he has is comparable to yours.

By the way, liked the tears today. You don't want the guys bashing because you are a woman, and then you get all emotional on us.

Here's the message you need to send: I'M SMARTER THAN THE OTHER GUYS!!!

And you are. You are so intelligent that may heart pounds when I think of you.

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