Friday, February 08, 2008

E Lection coverage

We were hit with a lot of snow Tuesday/Wednesday, so I couldn't be johnny on the spot with my Super Tuesday Erection coverage. Sorry, I meant 'election'.

Fox News had lots of problems with their graphics. The vote totals for a candidate would carry over from state to state. John McCain's 12 votes in the West Virginia convention would carry over to Alabama, where in reality the race came down to the wire. Other issues too numerous to mention. Don't producers pay attention to these little details? Brit Hume seemed to be unable to complete a sentence without mumbling at the end. I know there's a lot of voices in his head (I'm referring to line producers), but you still need to reach the finish your thought before moving on.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews continues to annoy. Does the man have no brain? Early in the coverage, he was grilling a Republican 'expert' about why any Republican candidate would bother to campaign in a dark blue state such as New Jersey. Chris, they campaign there because there's lots of delegates, and the goal is to WIN THE NOMINATION. They won't waste a lot of time and money there for the general erection. I mean election. How about more Keith Olbermann? I may be the only person on earth to write that. I can't help it, I enjoy witting and urbane, even from a liberal. Hell, only liberals can be witty and urbane.

CNN has a huge bright set. That was more than enough to keep me away.

With Romney only winning a few states that night, I was the only pundit to say that he was toast. And I was right. You can't finish 2nd or 3rd 80% of the time and expect me to support your candidacy. Just ask John "I'm good for the bronze" Edwards.

While I'm typing about it, John Edwards was using matching funds (none of his own sizable wad of cash), so half of every dollar he spent after New Hampshire was a wasted taxpayer dollar. This is why I stopped checking the $3 box on my tax return.

I will say this, I think nothing but good thoughts about Elizabeth Edwards, and you all should do the same. She has four times the moxie her husband has. I hope she gets to spend some quality time with her family before the going gets tough for her.

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