Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Worst MLB Manager

Ned Yost of the Milwaukee Brewers is the worst manager in the Major Leagues.

I was watching the Brewer/Cub game last night, and Ben Sheets was getting rocked in the 6th inning (maybe the 5th). Anyway, if one of your aces is getting shelled (7 hits before the first out), you need to get off your ass and go settle him down.

Ben Sheets is a gamer, a tough kid, but really, a mound visit is almost mandatory after the 3rd hit over the left fielder's head (and you may want your left fielder to play a little deeper). If anything, it would disrupt the Cubs' hitting parade a little bit.

Yost finally pulled Sheets after I was called at home to grab a bat and drive to Milwaukee for an at-bat.

I like the Brewers. I'm glad that they are becoming a good team. Now that they've pulled the trigger to sign or trade for some great players, it's time now to get a Major League manager. A real one, not a retread.

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