Thursday, October 23, 2008

T minus 12 days

With a dozen days until the election, as a card carrying red stater and election student, I'm here to tell you that John McCain is not going to win the election.


He failed to lock in and focus on the most pressing issue of the moment.

He allowed others to define him.

He ignored the one inarguable negative about himself (his age), and chose a political lightweight as his running mate.

When confronted with the MOST IMPORTANT CURRENT ISSUE IN THIS ELECTION, he 'suspended' his campaign and pulled his oars out of the water.

He failed to appear presidential over and over again.

I guess I could type all sorts of negatives about Obama, but there is no point. This was McCain's election to lose, and lose it he will.

If I have to eat crow on November 5, so be it.

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