Saturday, October 09, 2010

October Already?

Time flies when you are having fun; but I have also found that it flies when you are no having fun, either.

The green of summer is changing to the golds and browns of Autumn.  The farmers are gleefully harvesting what looks to be a bumper crop of corn and soybeans.  The other day I watched as a combine was off-loading corn into a semi-truck.  A second semi was in the field, awaiting it's load of gold.  Last year it was so wet that a lot of corn stayed in the field until after Christmas, a nagging reminder of a poor year in agriculture.

Football season is also here, one of my favorite times.   An agonizing Sunday night appearance exposed the Bears for what they really are, a not-so-good team.  Our local high school team, after winning their first 5 games, have dropped 2 in a row, and they have to face a couple of really tough teams to finish the season.  Can't turn the ball over so much, boys.

Also, the fall brings my father's annual dose of wonderlust.  He knows that his lottery victory will be soon, and has been making plans to escape assisted living.  It is difficult to even joke about how pathetic this has become.  I'm glad my mother isn't here to live it.  The changes in his physical and metal health in the ten years that she has been gone have been catastrophic, and there is no chance for improvement.

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