Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Yikes, no time to Blog! Random Thoughts from the Midwest:

Whitney Houston in rehab? Really? Gee, after her primetime interview last year, it was evident that she was in denial about her addiction issues.

Terrorism wins in Spain!

Leukemia scores a victory over John Henry Williams. This proves that prayers are answered. I seldom wish ill-will or evil on people, but this guy had to go.

March 16, and there's over a foot of snow on the ground in Iowa. Less than a week until Spring! Of course, we all know that we're not out of the woods until after April 21.

I'm too queasy to see "The Passion of the Christ", but I'm glad that many people are seeing it, discussing it, and responding to it.

In an earlier blog entry, I supported the concept of Same Sex Marriage. As much as I support it, I also support following the laws of one's State. Change the laws to make it legal, don't legislate from the bench.

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