Thursday, October 27, 2005

On the Fly (over)

Again, the national media portrays Chicagoans as dumbass hayseeds. Maybe we are.

First of all, until last night, I’d never heard of “Jimbo’s”, the South Side bar where FOX placed a camera to capture the reaction of Sox fans during last night’s Game 4. FOX opened the telecast by ‘interviewing’ a female Sox fan as she bragged about the Sox. The woman they spoke to is the “stereotypical” Chicago woman (an “Antoinette”, I call them*): Heavy set, bleached hair in a manly short cut, obviously a smoker (deep, flemmy voice), not especially attractive.

If the situation were reversed and they were in a Houston bar speaking with a woman, she would be a tall, big-haired attractive blonde, buxom, in a western shirt, possibly wearing a cowboy hat, speaking with the cutest drawl (you know, the one that I threw a perfectly good education away for).

At least we didn’t have any car burnings or rampant vandalism with this championship. I guess a World Series win is not cause for looting, unlike NBA championship. (Subtle racism somewhat intended).
*Chicago men are all “Anthony”, or Ant’ny, as it is pronounced.

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