Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Too old for this...

We went to see Sister Hazel at the House of Blues last night.

The band was good and the venue is awesome...very intimate and condusive to the experience.

I'm not that familiar with the Sister Hazel catalog, I know the hits, and that's about all. The band has been around for quite awhile, and their Chicago fans are very devoted. Their new CD came out about a week ago, and the fans were already singing along with the new songs.

They played very well, and really enjoyed entertaining us. It was a 90 minute show, which was just enough for the general standing room configuration. We walked to and from the train station, and got home about 2:15am. The kids (and the dog) spent the night at the grandparents, so we did not have to rush home, or rush to wake up. Still, I'm very sleepy today.

I challenged Jill and Wendy to find 20 people older than me (43 years, 11.5 months) at the show. They found about 10. It was an 'over 21' show, and most of the audience was in their early 30's.

Before the show, we went to Rockit Bar & Grill, a very hip place...too hip for me. There was a video company there last night, shooting footage for some sort of dating reality show.

Have I mentioned that I'm 43 years, 11 and a half months old?

I love my wife very much and think she is pretty darn hot. Heck, I even think Wendy is pretty hot, too. Still, it seemed that every other woman there was 25 years old and had boobs o'plenty.

As I recall, when I was 25 women did not have large breasts. Is it all the hormones in cow's milk, or what?

I also bought a round of drinks (2 Crowns and 2 'Slippery Nipples') for $35.

In 1984, I bought pitchers of Busch beer for $2.25 on Thursday nights at The Regulator in Macomb, IL. Fucking PITCHERS!! Of course it was awful, but it was $2.25!! Hell, I'd been drinking Rheinlander for the first 9 weeks of the term, and Busch was like champagne!

I am looking forward to buying a bottle of Crown Royal, a bottle of Bailey's, and a bottle of Butterscotch Schnapps so Tom, Wendy, Jill and I can drink all we can stand for $35.00

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