Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kathie Lee back in the saddle

Here in flyover, we prefer Kelly to Kathie Lee. That doesn't mean we dislike Kathie Lee.

She's Back! All I can say is that 1) she's had some work done (don't know that she needed it, she's always been attractive), and 2) she's had SOME WORK done (if you look a little lower on your TV Screen).

I realize that it is not right to objectify her like that, but this is flyover, and we've been trained by both coasts to check out the rack.

Still great legs, too.

Otherwise, her new gig hosting the needless 4th hour of Today met with mixed reviews. I didn't watch, I have a 8-5 job, and my gender is not the target audience. This is strange, because with the exception of Tom Shales of the Washington Post, all men dig Kathie Lee. Women find her polarizing, but men think she's cool. We all secretly wish our wives will look that good at age 55.

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