Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hot Political Commentary...and Religion, too!

It is a shame that Obama has felt the need to 'resign' from his church. With the media hounding the neighborhood and church-goers, I guess he had no other choice.

The latest 'scandal', when Obama was a million miles away from the church, involved activist priest Michael "I'm much better than the other priests" Pfleger, who does a terrible Hillary Clinton impersonation.

Pfleger, a white priest, is much beloved at his mostly African-American St Sabina parish, where he has championed causes like anti-racism, anti-violence, and pro-getting his mug on television.

While he seems to be a Catholic Priest, Father Pfleger enjoys having the spotlight shining brightly upon him. He has been at St Sabina for years, mainly because he has had the last two Cardinals buffaloed into not re-assigning him elsewhere.

It's time that Cardinal Francis George stood up to this blowhard and send him on an extended assignment where he may re-learn priestly humility. Activist Priests do not resonate with me. I think that a priest can be most effective when activating church members to action. Sermonizing at a Methodist Church and engaging in a racist bashing of Hillary Clinton is not a good way to lead.

And Obama doesn't need this kind of 'help' right now. He is busy trying to figure out how the Clintons are going to steal the nomination out from under him.

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