Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah big and tall

Yes, I had heard of Sarah Palin before last Friday. As anyone who knows me understands: I'm all about attractive women over 40.

However, as a "Dennis Miller Republican", I have to confess that I am not on board with her selection as running mate. Sure, I can see VP hopeful Joe Biden get terrorist brains on his Ivy League suit (Godfather reference), but I can't get past Sarah needing to hand the baby over to the au pair just to reach in her purse to pull out her Glock.

I have reached the age where important leaders are older than me. But I just don't know about Sarah yet.

She gave a swell speech last night, but I don't think the disenfranchised Hillary supporters are buying it.

I'm not sure I can watch McCain give his speech (speechifying is not his strong suit) tonight, but I sure hope it is full of IDEAS and SOLUTIONS and not the same old crap.

We'll see.

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