Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My blog is a tree..

My blog is a tree that has fallen in the forest.  That's not your fault, it's mine.  Apparently, I'm the only sole who has viewed my profile.  Gee, it's lonely out here.  I guess it would help if I "promoted" my blog a little bit.  For instance, when I respond to someone else's well-written posting, I should write "and for another somewhat entertaining point of view, visit my blog at..."  But that isn't fair to anyone.
I also need to get my frequency up.  That's what she said, hahahaha!  There is no shortage of things to write about.  And if I shifted my writing time to when I'm not at work, I probably would have more time to write. 
Writing at work...there's a deep subject.  I work on commission, and I'm of the belief that I'm not really stealing from my company by taking time to write in my blog.  I don't take breaks and seldom take a lunch, so I feel "justified" in taking 5-10 minutes once a week or so to type out a few thoughts.  I'm only hurting myself and my family by not spending this time working. 
I tend to inflict a lot of guilt on myself.
Usually by the end of each post, I re-commit to posting more.  Hoping for more than once a week.

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