Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Still have all my fingers

I am so far behind in commenting on what is going on, it stinks.

Jack Ryan: Hey buddy, I don't care about your sexual desires, just stop lying to me! Of course the allegations would be embarrassing to your son. Heck, they embarrass me. Just for the record, I asked my wife if we could go to a sex club and do the deed in front of strangers, and she said "no". That's good enough for me. No need to to fly her to exotic locales and ask the same question over and over. Jeri probably divorced you because you weren't a good listener, not because you wanted people to watch.

Dick Cheney and the "F" word: Big fuckin' deal. Like Senator Leahy hasn't heard or said fuck before. Get over it.

Bill Clinton's book: As much as I despise Bill as a man, I have admired his political skill. As a politician, he was the best that ever walked. Still, he's a bag of scum. There's no excuse for repeateded infidelity. Sure, it's between him and the Mrs. For the record, I've never respected philanderer's on a local level, either. Oh, yes, the book. Too long too read. Sorry, not interested. If he would have waited another 5-10 years, I think the perspective would have changed for the better.

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