Thursday, July 15, 2004

Still Searching for a Candid-date

Well, we won't have Mike Ditka to push around anymore. I was hoping Da' Coach would have thrown his hat into the ring, if only to short-circuit the entire election process. Even though he is to the right of me politically, I had no doubt that the power of celebrity would have defeated the power of reason.

As noted in Frogblog last night, the Constitution is safe for now. Even though I'm a straight male Catholic, I don't see the need to amend the Constitution over Same Sex Marriage (SSM). If you care, scroll down to a post from a few months ago where I go on and on and on about SSM and how it really doesn't affect me, or the institution of marriage any more than divorce already fact, I state that SSM may actually bolster the concept of MARRIAGE.

I have an important bid opening in one hour. so I must leave. At least I'm up to posting weekly, although my goal is to post more often.

The best blogs in blogworld remain ONE GOOD THING and FROGBLOG! If you looking for insightful (and inciteful) writing, go there. Right now. What are still doing here?

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