Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow starts the day

Lots of snow last night and today. I don't know how many inches, I just know that my back is killing me from all the shoveling.

Just 10 minutes ago, however, I finally got my snowthrower to run. Thanks to neighbor Steve, who talked me through several diagnoses and after a lot of mental mechanics, I was able to clear the foot of my driveway in minutes.

Long story short: my fuel problem was caused by a cracked primer bulb.

My Toro is about 15 years old, and when running, can handle just about any depth of snow.

I'll be lugging it over to Steve's driveway every chance I get this winter. I owe him that.

(When you are 46 years old, things like having an operational snowthrower is almost better than sex. Almost.)

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