Friday, March 11, 2005

Bunco Night

Well, it's Bunco Night (see earlier post about self-examination and materialism) (oh, there's more than one? sorry), and we did not buy a new house just to host the festivities.

We have, however, decided to buy a house.

A street in our neighborhood backs up to our community river. The houses there are modest, the lots smallish, but the view, quiet, and privacy afforded by the location are wonderful. It's a 3 bedroom house with a walkout basement, a deck, a nice den/office, open floorplan, etc. Just like all the others.

I wasn't that knocked out by the house. It is okay. My wife absolutely loves it. When I stepped out on the deck and looked over the backyard and saw the river flowing quietly 200 feet away, I fell in love. The property between the lot line and the river will never be built on. The City has advised the residents that as long as they don't build anything, they can "squat" on that property, using it for gardens, additional play area, etc.

Now we have to sell our house. We priced it to sell, and we think we'll pull this off.

The next time my wife hosts Bunco, she'll do it in the house of her dreams.

I'm that kind of guy.

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