Wednesday, March 23, 2005


My heart goes out to Jessica Lunsford's father. Even though I'm weary of seeing him on TV, I would be happy to lend him the money to purchase an assault rifle. Hell, call it a gift.

There was a very brief moment when her murderer could be bailed out on $905 for his probation violation. I can envision the long line of people who would have liked to post that bail and take him on a one-way fishing trip to the Everglades.

"Gee, with the excitement of catchin' all those fish, we sorta lost track of him when that 'gator jumped into the boat and ate him. Yeah, well, we did cut him up is pieces so the 'gator wouldn't gag."

And here is the difficult question: Does a guy like Couhey deserve life in prison? Would I really lose sleep if he were put to death? Would some injustice occur because he got the needle?

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