Friday, March 25, 2005

Shameless plug from a shameless guy

I'm known artist James Plakovic for over 20 years. I can't take credit for his talent, but I may have been in the room when a bolt of lightening hit him and he envisioned MusicArt.

Although he has created several wonderful portraits as MusicArt (including a truly inspiring John Lennon, which I kick myself for not purchasing), the man has a family to feed, so he also sells high quality prints of his work through Wild About Music, an Austin-based gallery (opening a branch in Santa Monica soon).

You can see his work by visiting . The folks at WAM also sell a T-shirt (yes, artists don't like to be hungry, and neither do gallery owners).

Recently, he was approached about creating a special print just for the folks at Signals, a fancy schmancy catalog. Go see and purchase at:

This print utilizes music that we composed many years ago. That's the extent of my involvement. All aspects of the work are hand-drawn, pen and ink. The precision is amazing; sadly, to keep it "pirate-proof", the various websites you can visit to see it purposely keep it fuzzy.

His own website/webstore is in the works at


All proceeds go to feed James and his wonderful family. And to buy more ink.

My compensation is vicarious in nature only.

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