Friday, January 05, 2007

Music to my ears

Santa Claus brought my 6-year old son a student-sized guitar for Christmas. By New Year's Eve, he composed, produced, and directed his own New Year's Revue... five 'original' songs and two poems.

I attempted to show him one chord (a G played with on 4 strings), but he preferred the open Emdim7Maj5 you get by strumming the open strings. His rehearsals were driving me crazy (no, absolutely effing insane), so I grabbed the guitar and tuned it to an open D tuning.

Harmony ensued.

My goal is to give him some space with his guitar. His hands are not big or strong enough to play yet, and I'm letting him get the feel for how it works before I turn him into some sort of prodigee. Afterall, our house could use ONE good guitarist.

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