Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Youth is wasted on the Young, part 27

I've come to enjoy YouTube very much. You can find anything there.

I found a couple of Jackson Browne videos, including a live performance of "Running on Empty" one of my favorite songs. Based on the clothing, band line-up and fashion, the video was from the late 70's. Rosemary Butler (a great singer) and David Lindley (a greater musician) are seen here.

YouTube allows you to comment on each video, and just like reading letters to the editor, you can tell alot about the subscribers by reading them.

The first comment for this video was "Good song.. reminds me of Bruce Hornsby's music", posted by KrisShred. As much as I wanted to respond directly to KrisShred's comment, I decided not to. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

I'd like to point out to KrisShred, however, that Bruce Hornsby (who is a very accomplished singer songwriter in his own right) was a mere senior at the University of Miami (according to Wikipedia) when "Running on Empty" was recorded. Perhaps Bruce has been influenced by Jackson Browne's music more than you realize.

This is not a knock on Bruce Hornsby. There is a long list of singer songwriters who have been influenced by Browne's introspective style.

When Jackson Browne's songs became more politically aware, he seemed to lose a lot of his 'popular' following. It's a shame, really, because his politcally-themed songs are very good. It's just a cup of tea that many people do not prefer.

From what I can tell, KrisShred is a singer songwriter, also. Good for you. I hope you become more successful and recognized by the masses. Just be more aware of which chicken came first...or articulate it a little better.

And be sure to look for my upcoming release in 2007. Perhaps I'll figure out how to upload one of my videos to YouTube and be a big success. But probably not.

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