Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's another 21,500?

You know, if the President had said, "I'm sending 21,500 additional troops to Baghdad for the express purpose of killing Mugtada al-Sadr." I would be more excited about the escalation.

Nothing personal against al-Sadr. I'm sure he's a nice father and loves dogs. It's just he is the guy who (after being targeted for death by US generals in 2003-2004) promised to disband his militia, which he did, for a brief time. Now he's back and stronger than ever, while US troops are eating IED shrapnel for breakfast.

I'm a devotee of the Michael Corleone School of Diplomacy. Target all the insurgent leaders and kill them. Then move the family from NYC to Vegas and go legit. In other words, identify the loose ends, tie them up, and get the hell out. It might take a couple of years, but at least IT'S DOING SOMETHING!

Yes, it would be nice to 'win'. But the definition of 'winning' is changing too often. Choose one goal, attain it, and move on. Really.

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