Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kitchen Update

The most difficult part of the kitchen project is completed, the cabinets are in and the countertop is on. There is some touch-up painting that needs to happen on Saturday (because the new backsplash is an inch lower) and I have to patch a hole lfet from the old phone jack. I also need to install the toe kick.

The high temperature on Saturday will be 6, so I'm happy to be working inside the house.

Thanks to neighbor Steve, the installation went as smoothly as it could. I was very sore on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from all the effort. Lots of lifting and bending and crawling into tight spaces. At one point I crammed myself into a corner cabinet - a lazy susan-type contraption - and my shoulders began to ache and I was about to have a claustrophobic-induced panic attack. I was in sorry shape.

Anyway, photos will follow shortly.

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