Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl hangover

It would have been a nice surprise had the Bears won the Super Bowl, but I knew in my heart that the Colts game plan would pretty much do what it did. The constant referencing of Payton Manning's 'legacy' and crap was annoying, but, hey, I'm over it.

For the past seven or eight years, we've been going to my in-laws (they have the largest TV) to watch the game. It's sort of a family party and the men enjoy the game and the women enjoy the commercials and general yak-fest. I've prepared ribs for the last two years (yes, my grill lit at 6 below zero yesterday, although that's just no way to live) and I enjoy the company of my in-laws very much.

Because the Bears were in the game this year, I wasn't sure how I would enjoy the game. If I merely have a rooting interest, the game is fun to watch. But when it's the Bears (especially this error-prone team) I wasn't sure if I could relax and enjoy it. I printed out copies of the Bears fight song for all to sing after each score, and the first quarter of the game was as much fun as I've ever had watching a football game. Everyone was cheering and singing and very excited about the great start the Bears had.

Nephew in-law Alan brought his girlfriend to the party, and she was completely exhausted after the first two Bear scores. She said she'd never seen any group get into a game as much as we do. We love football. Even with the grandparents in Arizona and nephew Brian in Evanston, we managed to get everyone called and included in the fun.

Even though the Bears were defeated, everyone agreed that Indy played very well and their coach (and Hall of Fame to be) quarterback were good guys and their victory was not begrudged.

And because I drew 4-6 in the football pool at work, I won two quarter pots and will be taking home $400 today. Yes, $400!!!


Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Adam Vinatieri, the moneyest kicker in NFL postseason history, missed a chip shot at the end of the half that would have lit up MY numbers in our office pool.

I reckon the SOB owes me $50.

flyoverguy said...

No one was more shocked than me to see Adam miss that chip shot.

I bet there's a long line in front of his house for 'pool reimbursemen'>

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Heh. Bob & Tom's Tom still says the '04 Patriots owe him money for not covering the spread against the Eagles in their SB...