Thursday, November 02, 2006

Florida bound

The kids have a 4 1/2 day weekend starting at noon today, so we're off to Florida to take advantage of small crowds at Disneyworld. I need to leave the office in 45 minutes so I can get home to load the car and get some lunch into the kids before we leave. So instead of working, I'm taking time to do a quick blog...just in case there's some sort of calamity and this turns out to be my last entry!

The best thing about being out of town this weekend is that I won't have to sit through all of the terrible political ads that are beseiging us. If I have to see Gov Blogo's bad haircut one more time, I'll claw my eyes out. Likewise Judy Baar-Topinka's dyed helmet of hair.

Just a quick note for Rod...raiding the state pension fund to the tune of $3 billion does not 'balance the budget'. Cute wife, though, I'll give you that. Like the rest of us, you married up.

Tomorrow is my 44th birthday (no need to send along wishes), and I'm looking forward to spending it with Mickey Mouse. For whatever reason, I seem to enjoy the Disney experience, even that special machine that shakes the last dime out of my pockets as I leave.

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Kaley said...

Florida is great ^.^ I should know. I live there! WooT!