Friday, November 17, 2006

Judgement Day?

According to a headline at, we're counting down to Judgement Day.

While that may be true (every day draws us closer, sadly) I was surprised that ESPN would be reporting on it. I'm not afraid of the rapture, but I was hoping I'd get the chance to learn the mandolin before the end of the world.

Fortunately, ESPN was talking about the Michigan vs. Ohio State game. Whew!!

When I was 11, that game was played to a 10-10 tie, which also created a tie for the Big 10 championship and Ohio State was magically awarded the right to play in the Rose Bowl. I was living in Indiana at the time and while I didn't have bragging rights for either team, I always liked Michigan better than Ohio State. I thought wolverines were cooler than buckeyes, or something like that.

So tomorrow, the two teams face each other again, both undefeated, in what will be a wonderful college football game. As much as I love the NFL, I love college football more.

Judgement Day comes at different times for those of different faiths. For many, it is tomorrow. For me, it's next Friday, when my beloved Aggies take on the Longhorns. At least we have a shot this year. My pathologic devotion to Texas A&M may be discussed later.

2:43 PM Out of respect for Chris over at Dangerous Logic (a much better blog than this one will ever be), I am not going to make any comments about it being judgement day for Bo. In spite of his ill-fated turn with the Detroit Tigers, I always thought that Bo Schembechler was a hell of a leader, and in the team photo of great football coaches. Woody Hayes is not in that photo.

Coach Schembechler is not really gone, he just got better seats for the game tomorrow.

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