Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote the Rock

I got to our local polling place at 6am and performed my duty (as we all should).

Voting in 2006 is like changing a dirty diaper. It is not a joyous experience, but it has to be done.

I took my ballot into the booth, flipped a coin, said a prayer, held my nose, and voted for the evil of two lessers.

For the statewide offices, I voted for as many Democrats as Republicans. I am NON-PARTISAN MAN!!

I was tempted to go the 3rd party route for governor, you know, as a 'protest vote'. And the winner of the race would look at all the 'protest votes' and say "Gosh, I better get my act together and behave and do what the voters are telling me because look at how many don't like the process".

Sure they do. And monkeys fly out of my ass.

Which reminds of a strange dream I had the other night.

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